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As a 22-year-old, Charles Darwin sailed on HMS Beagle as a companion to Capt. Robert Fitzroy and the expedition’s naturalist on that famous, five year circumnavigation of the globe that would play a seminal role in The Origin of Species. In 1832 the HMS Beagle entered the channel, just north of Cape Horn, that would later be named for the famous ship. The Beagle Channel is a dramatic waterway cutting through the southern most reaches of the vast Andes Mountain chain - Darwin has a mountain and Fitzroy a range named after them. Carved out of the earth by the retreat of glaciers during the last ice age, the Channel forms part of the boundary dividing the Fuegian Archipelago between Argentina and Chile. Its 75 mile length connects the Atlantic and the Pacific with Ushuaia at the half-way point.The Beagle Channel, the Straits of Magellan to the north, and the open ocean Drake Passage to the south are the 3 navigable passages around South America between the Pacific & the Atlantic oceans.
Crossing the Magellan straight named after the circumnavigator who discovered this sea routeVery choppy and windy passageUshuaia, tip of the world, former spanish penal colonyBeagle channel, named by Charles Darwin on his way to GalapagosGlacier Marital, to which I trekked up to

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