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Inle is one of the largest mountain lakes of the South-East Asia. It is situated at 2700 ft above sea level. The lake has a length about 70 miles from north to south, and the maximum width of 4 miles There are about 200 villages around the lake, which are home to about 150 thousand people. Sankar village (or Samka ) is located in the south of Inle Lake,which is connected to the Inle narrow channel and also known as Sankar Lake.It takes 3 hours by boat from Nuang Shwe one way. These pagodas were built in the 1600s by the local Pa'o Rulers. The full day trip required to make the round trip eliminates most of the group tourists. This area had serious insurgency problems and was open to the public in 2004 only.This area is 150 Km from the Golden Triangle area.

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