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Safaris are exciting, but seeing a big cat is euphoric. It is sad to note that these magnificent animals only have a life span of 9 years. But nature maintains the balance by adjusting litter size tied to nutrition, famine and loss of habitat. Lately that balance is tilted on the wrong side of the scale.These cats are not endangered per se in Africa but are extinct in many countries. Rare cats like the Serval and Caracal are in the threatened list. My recent trip to Brazil was rewarded with an Ocelot siting, but am still waiting for the elusive Jaguar
leopard with kill on tree, KrugerLions finishing off an elephant, Masai Mara, KenyaStalking a Zebra, KrugerClassic charge, Kruger, South AfricaMale lion "scaring" prey into waiting lionesses, KrugerChhetahs, Masai Mara, KenyaSuckling cub, Lk Nakuru, KenyaMasai Mara

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