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The Kazinga channel is approximately 40 Km long connecting the two Lakes; Lake George and Lake Edward .This channel is among the most important features in Queen Elizabeth National Park .On the Eastern side of the Kazinga Channel is Lake George a tiny lake with an overall depth of 2.4 meters and 250 sq km. This lake is fed by streams flowing from the spectacular Rwenzori Mountains ( World heritage site, Ice capped mountain on the Equator) just north of this lake. The outflow from Lake George flows through this Kazinga Channel and drains west into the adjacent Lake Edward (15th largest freshwater lake in the World which flows into the Nile)that covers a total area of 2 000 sq km. The shores of this channel draw a large number of wild animals, birds in addition to reptiles all through the year, with one of the largest population of hippos(5000) in the whole world .
Notice the massive Nile Crocodile in ForegroundNile Monitor Lizard in his perch above the waterNile Monitor searching for Bird eggsGorgeous creature-

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