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In August 1486 the Portuguese navigator, Bartholomeu Dias, set sail from the Tagus River at Lisbon with his fleet of two small vessels and a cargo ship. The objective of his journey was to sail round the southern point of Africa in order find a seaway and a trade route to India. Portuguese fleets to the East regularly passed the Cape . In 1498 Vasco da Gama visited the Cape on his return from finding the sea route to India and stopped where where Dias had landed and built the first Xian church in South Africa. De gama named it the Cape of storms and the inhospitable coastline of Southern Africa was the most important reason why the Portuguese rulers were not interested in occupying this country.
Monument to Landing spot of Barthlomio Diaz circa 1452Hadida IbisAfrican Sacred Ibis0Lone Chacma Baboon eating crabs

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