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The Pindaya Caves are situated at an elevation of 3,880 feet above sea-level.The largest of the caves is 490 feet long with stalactites and stalagmites providing an exotic setting for the 8,094 Buddha images that the faithful have dedicated for worship in the niches and crannies of the cave. There is a 15-m (49 ft) pagoda named Shwe U Min (Golden Cave) Pagoda at the entrance to the southernmost cave. Local legend attributes this pagoda as being built by King Asoka and repaired by King Alaungsithu in the 12th century, but this is not corroborated by any other historical source. The collection as a whole forms an impressive display of Buddhist iconography and art from early Konbaung era to the modern period. No other place in Burma displays such a range of style, not only in the images, but also in the ornamental thrones and reredos which surround the images.There are over 100 Giant banyan and fig trees in Pindaya over 400 years old.
Sun light bursting through the BanyansPretty shan tribes girl

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