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One of the most beautiful convents, founded at the beginning of 16th century, for 400 years the Novodevichy Convent was a participant of important historical events, connected with Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Sofia and Peter the Great. Smolensk Cathedral, has a magnificent carved iconostasis with icons of famous imperial masters of that time. The construction of the convent was a result of a large military and diplomatic victory of Russia to reconquer Smolensk.. The founder of the convent, grand duke Vasily III, his son Ivan the Terrible and other tsars showed a great interest in the Novodevichy convent, rendering it all possible financial and legal support. Its nuns were, as a rule, representatives of the supreme feudal nobility. Among them - members of families of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Peter the Great.The covent was built in military style and was designed to defend Moscow from the west.

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