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The main habitat for the African lions consists of semi-arid plains and savannah grasslands. The savannah grasslands are spotted with Acacia trees which provide shade and resting locations for lions.Unlike all other cats, lions live in groups of around 16-30 individuals (prides). These prides usually break down into smaller groups of a male or two, around 5 females and their offspring. The male is very lazy and almost never participates in hunting. His main job is to defend the pride against anything that could bring harm to them. During mating time the male hormones drive the younger males to seek out a pride of their own. They do this by defeating and/or killing the male in another pride. Lions are known to be especially lazy. Like most cats, they are nocturnal and sleep most of the day, in fact around 21 hours a day! Most of their hunting occurs late in the day as the sun is preparing to set. Lions have an advantage of being cathemeral; being able to see in night and day.
Returning to their turf after hunting and gorging on meat5 feet in front of me.We are intercepting their path

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