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Signehamna is a bay and natural harbour in Albert I Land ( 1907 exploration sponsored by King Albert of Monaco) at Spitsbergen, Svalbard. It is located at the western side of Lilliehöökfjorden. The bay has a width and length of about one nautical mile. The headland Gunnarpynten in the middle of the bay, which separates Signehamna from Nilspollen, created a suitable harbour for smaller vessels. Since weather information can make the difference of a battle lost or won, during World War II German generals realized the value of weather data in the North Atlantic and established weather stations in Svalbard from 1941. In the beautiful surroundings of Signehamna, men overwintered and sent daily weather data to the German military. In 1943, Norwegian forces bombed and burnt the Signehamna station.
Anchors at Signehamnaview of lillehook glacier

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