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At the turn of the 12th century a fortified town (i.e. the kremlin) was built at the bend of the Kamenka river. The river protected the town from the west and a deep moat was dug from the east. The eastern ramparts with wooden walls and towers on the top were also built for protection. The old ramparts and the moat survived up to now, and belong to the historical sights of the town. . Like other Russian Kremlins, it was originally a fortress, religious and administrative center of nearby lands. On the Kremlin territory there is beautiful Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Nativity cathedral is the oldest surviving monument in Suzdal, one in a row of beautiful monuments of the Vladimir-Suzdal white stone architecture of the 12th-13th centuries.From the middle of the 14th century to the end of the 18th century Suzdal was a center of the bishopric. At that time the Kremlin became the residence of the archbishops
Fortified walls of the Kremlin10th century Church of the Nativity

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