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Monacobreen (79° 24'N, 12° 34'E) is a 40 km long, tidewater glacier with a 6Km face!.. Monacobreen is a glacier in Haakon VII Land on Spitsbergen, Svalbard, named after the expedition led by the Prince of Monaco in 1906 to map the area. The glacier debouches into Liefdefjorden, one of the most glaciated fjords in the High Arctic. Lots of studies have been made about" surge" glaciers; when the glaciers they tend to surge into the water 1000 times faster than during their "quiescent "period.. Most glaciers in the area have been in retreat this century from their maximal extent during the Little Ice Age. Aerial photographs acquired by Norske Polarinstitutt show that the margin of Monacobreen retreated 0.75-1.45 km between 1966 and 1990

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