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Hidden Canyon is perched above the east rim of Zion Canyon, offering an exciting hike with rewarding scenery. It is one of the many scenic side ravines that join the Virgin River - lthough not a true slot canyon, all is deep and narrow, with several parts that contain boulders, dryfalls and enclosed channels. This trek has dangerous drop-offs that require chain railings for safe passage, because this 4.5-mile trek takes hikers across dramatic cliffs to reach a hanging canyon housing a small natural arch.The trail climbs and chips away at nearly 1000 ft of elevation that lie between the trailhead and Hidden Canyon. Things get quite interesting as chains appear along the sheer vertical cliff guiding hikers along a surprising course. The trail reaches a small canyon, suspended above the cliffs, but this is not Hidden Canyon, and somehow the adventure continues. . This is exhilarating hiking, but if one has a fear of heights, the thousand-foot drop-offs may not be for them.

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