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The fjord region of southern Chile and Tierra Del Fuego island of Argentina provides a diverse array of habitats, attracting a great number of birds. Birds taking refuge from the open ocean in these relatively sheltered waters include skuas, petrels, shearwaters and various albatross species. Freshwater birds of the fjords include ducks, teals, geese and swans. Numerous shore birds such as sandpipers, plovers, gulls, oystercatchers, yellowlegs and cormorants can be found on the margins of channels and fjords. Several are ranked as near-threatened throughout their range by the World Conservation Union, including the red-legged cormorant, Magellanic penguin and Chilean flamingo. Though the Chilean flamingo is a resident of high-altitude lakes, it comes to the fjords and rests in nearby wetlands during its migration. Penguins are also found throughout southern Chile, most commonly Magellanic penguins with rockhopper penguins in the far south.
Endemic Patagonian species- Carpenterio Gigante 14 " tallFlight of the condor seriesAndean Condor -Condores Andeano- stands 3 ft tall with a wing span of over 10 feetInteresting picture with Mt. Fitzroy as backdropFlamingo Austral ( chilean Flamingo) stands 3.5 feet tall- endemic speciesHouse WrenCommon Sparrow chick

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