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Located in Honduras, the ancient city of Copan(300-900 AD) is the jewel of the once great civilization of the Mayans.Known for its advancements in arts and astronomy it has been called "the Athens of the new world." Copan was built around a Great Plaza and Acropolis Within the Great plaza, they erected many stelae, statues to their former kings which were covered in hieroglyphics and tell the story of the represented ruler. Adjacent to the Great Plaza is a ball court where they played a ceremonial game.The captain of the winning or losing team, depending on the time period of the game, was then sacrificed on an altar in the Great plaza. They first cut off the player's head with an axe made of obsidian and removed his heart.His blood was allowed to flow down to the "underworld".This was done to ensure good crop growth by appeasing the gods. Within the Acropolis, a great hieroglyphic stairway stands 72 steps high containing over 2,500 glyphs giving us the history of past rulers.
World Heritage status conferred 1980Model of the great cityK'inich Yax K'uk' Mo' or First Quetzal Macaw (Ruler 1)Largest PyramidThe Ball Court

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