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Idyllicly perched on a rocky promontory high above the sea, Taormina has been the most popular tourist destination in Sicily for a couple of hundred of years.Beautifully restored mediaeval buildings, breathtaking views around every corner and a giddy network of winding streets strewn with shops, bars and restaurants. Taormina’s past is Sicily’s history in a microcosm: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, the French, Spanish and Ramdas Iyer came, saw, conquered and left.
A well deserved vacation in a 1908 VillaI rarely relax-This was the place to do so- Ipod, Surfing and sipping! on the terrace overlooking the mediterreaneanMy office on the move. With wifi available it is the ideal place to write a novel or browse.A view of Etna from the room"Short-lived is treasured youth, like a dream. And soon the painful and ugly old age looms above our heads, hated and despised alike, takes over men deforming and making them unrecognizable, damaging2nd Century BC Greek theatre. World Heritage Site. The greeks had a great sense of location for their dramas- The Mountain, volcano, blue sea and blue sky....................................... "Come,"She nestles in rough untroden rocks And reigns a divine, sacred land. Not all mortals can see her. Only those, whose burning desire in their heart leads them to the greatest deeds":A lot of sweat put the immortal gods to the forefront of the virtue reaching endeavor. Long and hard and painful the road to happiness in the begining. But when you get there, it becomes so easy andA 1845 view of the amphitheatreByzantine 9th century church

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