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The Magellanic Penguin is found along the coasts of Argentina & Chile.They are medium sized weighing 6 to14 lbs & stand 24-30" tall. They have black heads with white under the neck that curls up around their ears and chin area.They live on a diet of sardines, cuttlefish, squid and krill.When breeding they create nests which are built in bushes or burrows. Both male and female share in the incubation of the 2 eggs which hatch approximately 40 days after being laid In the wild,Magellanic Penguins can live up to 25 years.They are considered to be a threatened species due to there nature of forming large colonies.Oil spills kill over twenty thousand Magellanic Penguins each year in Argentine waters. The Gentoo is rare bird in South America and is a native of the Antartic Peninsula. They have a white bonnet shaped marking on their head with upright feathers. They are the 3rd largest penguin species by size.
Young chicksI like this shot- The weary penguin

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