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One of the greatest medieval cities in the world. Inhabited by 600000 residents it is a warren of small alleys and streets containing some of the greatest Islamic architecture in the world. The mosques, the souks, the medrassas and its people are indeed a sight. It is a UNESCO world heritage City. I visited Fes in 1998 and have been waiting for an opportunity to take the family. Its rich architecture was a result of its close connection with the Umayyid and Merinid Dynasties of Andalusia in Spain. This rich cultural intercourse between the Moors and the Berbers resulted in an explosion of thinking and architecture. After the fall of Spanish Andalusia, the Moroccan rulers invited the Arabs and the Jews to settle in Morocco thereby benefiting from their knowledge of the West. All major Morrocan cities had a big Jewish population(Sephardim) and Fes has one of the finest Quarter and Cemetary from a fabled past.
The Medrassas- Islamic Schhols still actoive since the 7th century

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