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Named after a local Nhanzwa chief, Hwange National Park is the largest Park in Zimbabwe occupying roughly 14 650 square kilometers. It is located in the northwest corner of the country about two hours south of the Mighty Victoria Falls.It became the royal hunting grounds to the Ndebele warrior-king Mzilikazi in the early 19 th Century and was set aside as a National Park in 1929. Hwange boasts a tremendous selection of wildlife with over 100 species of mammals and nearly 400 bird species recorded. The elephants of Hwange are world famous and the Park's elephant population is one of the largest in the world.
Hwange- largely unmaintainedLodge Bar- from the 1960sMy cottage in the parkImpalas grazingHwange GateAnimal observatory-Rhodesian timesGrey Crowned CraneMartial EagleBig troop of Chacma BaboonsLesser Kudu femalesImpala femalesTawny eagleAfrican Hoopoe

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