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Caprivi Strip,is long, narrow extension of Namibia, running about 280 miles from the northeast corner of the main block of the country eastward to the Zambezi River. Its width varies from about 20 to 65 miles (32 to 105 km). The physical geography of the region is an extremely flat plain, about 3,100 feet in elevation lying on the swampy northern margin of the Kalahari, mostly between the Zambezi River on the northeast (beyond which is Zambia) and the Kwando– Chobe river system on the south-creating the Okavango Delta in Botswana .Angola borders the area on the north, and the Okavango River traverses the strip in the west. It is a piece of land that has gone throughmany wars involving Namibia, Angola, South Africa and a civil war for cessation as late as 1999. The Angolan civil war decimated wild life in the area and the animals are slowly returing. This untouched part of Africa is irrigated by the Zambesi, Chobe, Kwando and the Linyantii river systems.
Abdim's storkMeyer's ParrotCarmine Bee eatercarmine Bee eater with BEEGoaway birdYellow fronted CanaryEmerald Spotted DoveNight Heronclassic Caprivi sceneNight Herons at sunsetMalachite Kingfisher

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