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Home to Ancestral Puebloans from AD 350 to 1300, the nearly 84,000-acre Canyon de Chelly (pronounced d'shay) is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the Southwest. On a smaller scale, it rivals the Grand Canyon for beauty. Its main gorges—the 26-mi-long Canyon de Chelly ("canyon in the rock") and the adjoining 35-mi Canyon del Muerto ("canyon of the dead")—comprise sheer, heavily eroded sandstone walls that rise to 1,100 feet over dramatic valleys. Ancient pictographs and petroglyphs decorate some of the cliffs, and within the canyon complex there are more than 7,000 archaeological sites. Stone walls rise hundreds of feet above streams, hogans, tilled fields, and sheep-grazing lands.
Great pinnacles of broken Sandstone ridgesRemember Gregory Peck in 'McKenna's Gold"- Shot heredescending into the canyonPietoglyphs onf the Anasazi AD 300fl;ash flood almost stops us in our tracksPatinated cliff walls with cliff DwellingsDriving through the flash flooded canyonCliff Dwellings

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