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The foot of Old Fulton Street was the site of the ferry linking Brooklyn to Manhattan in 1642. By the time of the American Revolution, this area was a busy marketplace with slaughterhouses, breweries, shops, inns and taverns.The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 was a significant engineering feat and served as the first physical link between the independent cities of Brooklyn and New York. However it led to the demise of the ferries, which were the lifeblood of the Fulton Ferry Landing area.In 1900, the New York Dock Company consolidate all of the waterfront property between Fulton Street and Erie Basin and they managed over 40 piers and 150 stores and warehouses, making it the largest private freight terminal in the world. Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre post-industrial waterfront site stretching 1.3 miles along Brooklyn’s East River edge.The new Brooklyn Bridge Park spans from the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges in the north to Pier 6 and Atlantic Avenue in the south.

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