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Boddhidharma from Peshawar region of the Kanishka empire travelled by sea(not silk road) and eventually ended up in Central China where he started this severe mind-body control meditative Buddhism-Chen whichbecame Zen in Japan.Kung-Fu is a product of this practice and Shaolin is the world reknown temple for Zen worship and Kung Fu. Boddhdharma is interred there in the Forest of Pagodas.
The Great BoddhidharmaShaolin TempleBuddha with BoddhidharmaChinese guardian spirits- Hunh and Hanh a Daoist adaptation into Buddhisma Zen Master-Perhaps!!The Burial site of the Shaolin Abbots since 300ACE. There are 270 pagodasShaolin Mountain Scenery, ZhenzhouPathway to Zen!!Vanity thy name is Woman-riding a spectacular Stelea holding the temple recordsThe Zen in me??A young monk displaying his prowess

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