Travel Writer, Forbes Africa/ Forbes Woman Africa. Contributor " Wildlife Photographer Magazine", Travel Blog writer- An avid traveler and amateur photographer, for over three decades, I have a large collection of images that I am trying to curate and post. The primary purpose of this website is to share my work with friends and family.
While I have been improving the quality of my images, I pay particular attention to the moment using free hand photography. Utilizing a tripod does hinder my movements and as a result I pay the price for that compromise.

Having traveled widely in over 100 countries and 7 continents during the past 25 years, I am focusing more on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of each country that I visit. You may also read my blogs on

My Equipment list includes Nikon D750,  D-610, D-600 and D-300 bodies. My full frame lenses include Nikon 500mm/ 4.5 VR, Nikon 300mm/2.8 VR, Nikon 80-400mm/4.6 VR , 13-24mm Sigma wideangle and 28-300mm/5.6. My DX lenses include 18-300mm/5.6, 10-24mm/4.0 and 105 and 150mm/2.8 Macro. I also utilize a Sony RX100-II PS camera.


This album needs to be updated. Too much travel, too less time!!

The images shown in this album have been set at 780 X 600 by Zenfolio, even though each image is much higher in quality.

Hope you enjoy the photographs